Awaken and Heal Program



  • Do your circumstances have you stressed out or overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward?
  • Do you struggle with fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, fear, sleep issues, heart issues, headaches, dizziness or other symptoms that won’t go away?
  • Do you have Fibromyalgia, CFS, Autoimmune Disease, IBS, or any other diagnosis?
  • Do you need help on what to do next on your spiritual journey?
  • Do you want to feel more ease, energy, calm, joy?
  • Do you want to step into your feminine power, possibly discover your inner truth?
  • Are you having symptoms but your blood work says you’re fine?
  • Do you have a persistent condition or illness that has you frustrated and hopeless with no clear solutions or answers from your practitioners?
  • Are you trying one treatment after another, even acupuncture, holistic medicine, and specialists and still not solving your health issue?
  • Do you just simply want to feel good again?



to attain VIBRANT HEALTH and really enjoy life again

to KNOW THE TRUTH why you’re still stuck and can’t solve this problem

to GROW SPIRITUALLY and expand your consciousness

Then CONTACT ME TODAY to get started. I suggest anyone wanting to work with me one on one have a Discovery Session so I can learn more about you and your situation, understand what your needs are, begin creating the roadmap to your healing process, and then explain how my Awaken and Heal Program could possibly change your life. The investment in a 90-minute Discovery Session is $150.

I customize my Awaken and Heal program to fit every individual’s needs based on where you are now and where you are wanting to go.  Every person’s path is different and their healing journey is unique to them. My clients have “tried everything” out there to heal, including doctors, specialists, therapists, acupuncture, Reiki, even yoga and meditation, but are still struggling with pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and various symptoms.

My healing packages have been created so you can begin receiving energy healing right away in my office or remotely from the comfort of your own home. You can also join a group of like-minded individuals and receive a powerful group healing every week.

I invite you to see all the ways you can work with me below and get started with your personal healing.


Remote Energy Healing Package
Package of 3 one on one distance energy healing sessions
Each call is 30 minutes

  • For the person who understands energy healing and is just looking to receive
  • Perfect if you’re busy, work during the day, don’t need the guidance, but need the energetic support for relaxation, have more flow in life, raise your vibration, and overall healing

Raise Your Vibration Package
One on one distance energy healing or in-office energy healing
Three weekly appointments – up to 45 minutes each

  • Designed for someone seeking higher consciousness, more awareness, deeper healing, and a way to raise the vibration in your quantum field
  • Can be tailored for children under 14 years old
  • Guided energy healing session and support for what comes up
  • Begin to shake up old patterns of pain, dis-ease, fear and lack
  • Create new patterns of health, wellbeing, energy and even inner happiness
  • Feel lighter, clearer, more calm, ease and peace
  • Drift off into a deeper relaxed state, discover the truth of who you truly are, and witness what is possible for you!

Awaken and Heal Program – Private One on One
Learn the truth about healing, dis-ease, illness, symptoms, suffering, health and consciousness
Month to month personalized healing program
Weekly energy healing sessions in your quantum field
A Discovery Session is a pre-requisite for this program

  • Designed for someone who has been struggling and suffering with an ongoing or chronic health problem they cannot resolve, and is ready to go deeper within to get their health and life back
  • Begin to unravel your current health puzzle and be guided to the underlying reasons for your health issue
  • Discover what your symptoms really mean and the message they’re communicating
  • Learn about the #1 reason you’re still suffering, even though you’ve tried everything
  • Identify the deeper subconscious patterns that have created dis-ease in your body
  • Discover new solutions to help you release the deep hidden patterns that are keeping you stuck, blocked and unable to heal and move forward
  • Create new healthy positive patterns that lead to more ease, peace and calm for your mind and body
  • Receive tools and teachings to create the awareness necessary to shift your momentum towards healing
  • Realize the truth of who you are and what is possible for you and your health
  • Possibly release the root cause of your health issue for good!
  • Option for homework exercises that will assist in your healing process
  • Receive healing on all 4 levels simultaneously: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This higher vibration leads to wellness, healing, joy, transformation, wholeness, and a newfound awareness that is more powerful than you could ever imagine!
  • No matter how hopeless you feel, understand why Chris believes that Anything Is Possible
“The Biofield Healing is an amazing experience. I have literally walked into an appointment feeling pain, fatigue or emotional distress and IMMEDIATELY felt relief as soon as the session was complete. I began to experience a reduction in symptoms after my very first appointment.
Brenda, Orange County, CA
Mother, Wife, Yogi, Soul Searcher