Awaken and Heal Programs


Many individuals have experienced a reduction in stress, anxiety, pain, panic, depression, fear and negative patterns.

People experience a higher level of awareness, consciousness, spiritual growth and transformation.

Right after an energy healing session, many have reported feeling lighter, clearer, a lessening of pain and other symptoms, feeling more relaxed, overall feeling better, feeling more joy, happiness, love, self-love, a stronger connection to God, Source, the Universe, and a deepening of faith.

It is common to have a big emotional release that represents the deep buried pain coming up and out, new awareness, new perspectives about a current situation and life circumstances, having less racing thoughts or busy thoughts in the mind, and in a few cases better eyesight.

Several have experienced being visited by loved ones who have passed or feel surrounded by angels.

In my private Awaken and Heal Program most individuals discover the root cause of their health problem, even after they had already tried everything to heal and thought there was nothing else that could be done or thought they already fully healed it in therapy.

Then there are stories of healing where someone begins to change their behavior, learns how to feel good in spite of having symptoms, learns how to not let what other people say and do hurt them emotionally, learns how to change their perspective about things and people in their life that had been causing stress, or experiences improvement in relationships with those around them.

It is very common for my clients to learn how to find the answers to their problems inside them, discover subconscious limiting beliefs, be educated on what symptoms mean, understand what is still keeping them sick or stuck, release and let go of limiting beliefs that have been around since childhood and have led to emotional and physical suffering, and begin to learn who they truly are.

Some of my favorite stories are when clients tell me that the family members living with them are changing, acting differently, being kinder and more loving, and I didn’t even work on their family member. This is where understanding that we are a field of energy and when our vibration is raised, we can raise the vibration of another’s energy field as well just by being around them.

Here are a few examples of changes I have witnessed in my clients:

A woman with 11 months of severe fatigue, taking 2-3 hour naps daily, stopped taking naps after her first energy healing session and whose fatigue greatly diminished after 3 sessions.

One woman with 13 years of CFS and Fibromyalgia had her pain become almost non-existent after 3 appointments, and another woman with 14 years of IBS had it go completely away after 2 energy healing sessions.

A woman reporting daily insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and night sweats was already feeling more ease, more calm, less anxiety, less worry and better sleep after a few weeks.

A woman with cancer told me, “You taught me how to feel joy, peace and love. I never felt this before.”

A small child’s eczema completely cleared up, a young girl started dreaming again after months of no dreams, another child became more loving to his mother.

A teenager who had to drop out of school because of an eating disorder and severe anxiety told me after 3 weeks, “I’m getting back to normal, things are progressing pretty fast, I’m starting school in the next few weeks, I’m feeling a lot better and coping better, I’m feeling more up to do things.”

A gentleman battling cancer for a second time, after discovering the root cause of his cancer said, “All of a sudden my whole life makes sense.”

These are stories of what is possible and what has happened to people that took the next guided step with me and said “YES” to making their health, their wellness and their life a priority. It would be my pleasure to add you to this list.

Many Blessings